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Welcome to Dance-Explorer... I am Marina Bistrin, a Melbourne-based (Australian) teacher of many styles of dance. I have studied the roots and the connection between dance forms and mind-body work. Dance provides all that engage in it, some fundamentals like health (body and mind), general fitness and as a personal form of self expression. My exploration of dance, movement, people and cultures constantly develops and strengthens my performance and teaching work.

This site is an overview of the styles of dance I teach, their history and
how various cultures use them and how we can use them for our own
mind/body/spirit work.

Veil-fan dance at OMEDA bushfire benefit April 2009


Long-sleeved dance with Chris Vlachos "Silken Snakes" to Persian Music at Omeda winter Showcase 2012


The site also has interesting links to other dance and cultural sites. I teach many different related styles of dance including Middle-Eastern, Silk-Road, East European Gypsy, Flamenco and work with traditional props as well as improvisation. I teach gently from simple movement and alignment principles, helping people to understand how their bodies work, so they can move safely, while encouraging them to let go, move and
enjoy themselves.  

Some workshop examples include:

Egyptian men's stick dance,
Iranian (Persian) folk and social dance,
Fan dance from China and Spain,
Dancing with fabric, from hankies, to scarves, to light and heavy veils,
Barefoot Flamenco,
Flamenco rhythm work,
Gypsy dance from Russia & Spain,

Dancing & playing with finger cymbals


 Barefoot Flamenco dance


Middle Eastern/Belly Dancing


Veil-Fan Dancing