Check out the sites of these local musicians and singers.  Also, see my other links to dancers, teachers, arts organisations and more.




Phil Carrol


Sanctuary Ensemble


Ernie Gruner

Mark Planigale


Olgaa Fienco

"Apassionada" show

"Bellyslap" Arabic percussion group.  


Peru  Frances; great chanter/enchantress/singer and musician - works with native American Shaman - does women's healing chant workshops and has at least 2 cds with wonderful musicians;  for Australian tours;


Nicole Weatherill


Tania Bosak; Taketina and pulse rhythm and drumming workshops and her dance-band Velika Buka (Big Noise in Croatian).


The Zaryab Ensemble Iranian Sufi music 


Community Music Victoria 

They are a linking organisation for singers and choirs and run great low cost workshops (government grant-funded) which I have really enjoyed. A great philosophy of encouraging people to have a go and connect communities.